Our People

MCB leadership is democratically elected
The MCB’s leadership team consists of Office Bearers who are accountable to Affiliates.

Office Bearers report at least quarterly to the National Council and also appoint staff for day-to-day running. All Office Bearers perform their duties in a voluntary capacity. See below for current Office Bearers and Senior Management Team. Read more about our governance structure here.

National Council Meeting, Jan 2019

Office Bearers 2021-22

Every two years, the posts of Secretary General (SG) and Deputy Secretary General (DSG) are directly elected by delegates of MCB Affiliates at an election Annual General Meeting (AGM). National Council members are also elected.

Within one month of the election AGM, the appointment of up to five further Office Bearers are proposed and ratified by the National Council. These include three Assistant Secretary Generals, a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer.

If you would like to contact any of the current Office Bearers, please get in touch here. 

Zara Mohammed

Secretary General

Hassan Joudi

Deputy Secretary General

Rashidat Hassan

Assistant Secretary General

Dr Mohammed Shahzad Amin

Assistant Secretary General

Dr Wajid Akhter

Assistant Secretary General

Asim Sheikh


Lamine Konate

Assistant Treasurer

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team are responsible for day-to-day running of the MCB’s activities and projects. Our team are passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds who want to actively make a positive difference in society.

To join our team, check out our current job vacancies and volunteering opportunities, or please get in touch here.

Lamees Hafeez

Director of Operations

Rizwana Hamid

Director of Centre for Media Monitoring