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On the passing of Haji Mahomed Siddik Giga: HMC stalwart and long-serving MCB National Council member

Haji Mahomed Siddik Giga, one of the longest serving senior managers at the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) and MCB National Council member, passed away on Tuesday, 10th August.

As part of senior management at the HMC, Haji Mahomed dedicated over 15 years of his life to the regulation, inspection, procurement and certification of halal foods, ensuring genuinely halal meat and products were made ever more available to Muslims communities across the UK. His profound knowledge and expertise in this vein has undoubtedly served to educate industry professionals and maintain industry standards around the production and supply of Halal produce.

Alongside his long-standing service to the Halal foods industry, Haji Mohamed also served on the MCB’s National Council, his individual expertise contributing to the shaping of MCB’s own policies in this arena. In addition to this, was his service for The Federation of Muslim Organisations Leicestershire, in which he guided the organisation with his wisdom and experience of working with diverse communities. He was well known for being very inclusive of all traditions and schools within Islam and always worked with a non-sectarian spirit and attitude. The MCB family as a whole pays tribute to Haji Mohamed, his lifetime of tireless service in support of Muslim communities.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj’un – to Allah we belong and to Him we return. We pray that Allah (SWT) accepts Haji Mahomed Siddik Giga’s good deeds, grants him forgiveness and the highest station in paradise. May the Almighty also grant peace, the strength to bear this profound loss, upon his family.

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