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Islamic New Year – Muharram, 1443

Islamic New Year – Muharram, 1443

Muharram is one of the four sacred months for Muslims across the globe. It’s coming heralds the beginning of the new hijri year and is a time for reflection and blessings.

The month marks many notable events in Islamic history; including Prophet Moses and his people being saved from the tyranny of the Pharoah, and the events of Karbala in which grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Imam Hussain, gave his life standing against injustice and tyranny.

MCB Secretary General, Zara Mohammed said:

“The past year of battling a global pandemic, the plight of oppressed people across the world and well as a renewed focus on injustice and inequality still prevalent in society, shows the importance of constantly refreshing the stories and lessons of this month. We look forward to the new year with renewed determination and resolve in the spirit of Muharram.  I wish everyone a blessed new year.”

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