On the Passing of Bright Young Journalist Hanna Yusuf

A talented, bright and courageous young journalist starting her career at the BBC, Hanna Yusuf tragically passed away aged only 27.

By all accounts Hanna was a widely admired and respected journalist who had written for BBC News, worked as a TV producer as well as writing for The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Muslim News and Grazia magazine.

Hanna was born in Somalia, but came to Britain aged 5, attending school and university in London before embarking on her promising career in the media. She had covered a number of high profile and breaking stories, and the MCB had the good fortune of working with her on occasion.

She will be sorely missed by not only all of her loved ones and family, but also by her community at large. She was a beacon of success and a source of pride for so many, and her passing will be mourned by all.

Her family released a statement, “While we mourn her loss, we hope that Hanna’s legacy will serve as an inspiration and beacon to her fellow colleagues and to her community and her meaningful memory and the people she has touched for many years lives on.”

To Allah we belong and to Him we return. We pray that Allah grants Hanna the highest stations in paradise and bestows peace and patience upon her family.

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