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Changes to Hajj 2020 for British Muslims
Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah announced that the numbers performing Hajj will be “very limited” and that only  Muslims from various nationalities residing in Saudi…
Preparing to Reopen Mosques: Template Signage
The MCB has also produced 17+ downloadable signage for mosques and community centres to display, including one-way arrows, and explaining wudhu areas remain closed. Click…
Paying Tribute to Munawar Rattansey
It is with great sorrow that the Muslim Council of Britain has received the news of the demise of our friend and colleague, Munawer Rattansey.…
Re-opening: Regional Feedback Webinars
Re-opening: Regional Feedback Webinars Following consultation with over 350 Muslim institutions and scholars across the UK during May, MCB issued initial discussion guidelines on re-opening…
Eid al-Fitr 2020
May you all enjoy and celebrate the day with loved ones, and may it be filled with peace and blessings.