MCB Updates

Election of the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary General: 2020-2022​ 

​In view of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the MCB’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) due to be held on 28th June 2020 will now take place in on-line, step-wise mode in week beginning 25 January 2021. In the course of the week there will be online hustings for the Secretary General (SG) and Deputy Secretary General (DSG) posts, provision for online capture of votes, firstly for these posts and secondly the National Council (NC).

All results will be announced at the online AGM in January 2021, insha’Allah. As Election Commissioner my aim is to ensure the AGM processes comply with the Constitution and Standing Orders, with the exception there will not be a day-long gathering of delegates at one physical location.

As an initial step in this new scenario, I am issuing this CALL FOR CANDIDATES seeking to stand for the SG and DSG positions.  Persons interested should notify me by 30th November 2020 by email at [email protected]

 By this date, each prospective candidate should also provide me with:

  • (i) Proof of British citizenship or indefinite leave of stay
  • (ii) A supporting letter from the President & Secretary of the MCB affiliate confirming the individual’s membership
  • (iii) A ‘manifesto’ of up to 750 words outlining their experience of service in Muslim community institutions, why they consider themselves suitable for the position of SG (or DSG) and their assessment of the challenges facing Muslims in Britain.

Subject to receipt of this information I will announce the candidates eligible to stand by 14th December 2020 and their manifestos will be published on the MCB website.  

Additionally, I will require candidates to furnish me, five days before the AGM date, with evidence from a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check []. Discharged bankrupts are also disqualified. 

Candidates must also be an MCB affiliate’s delegate to the 2020 AGM and should have been nominated to the NC for election as a nationally elected member.  The elected SG and DSG will automatically be members of the NC.  

​In week beginning 25th January 2021 there will be an online Zoom-type ‘hustings’ session where candidates will have an opportunity to make short presentations to an audience of delegates, followed by a Q & A session. Further instructions will be provided to delegates on the voting process.  

​Khalid Sofi, MCB Election Commissioner

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