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Muslim Council of Britain Welcomes Black History Month 2021


The Muslim Council of Britian is delighted to welcome the start of Black History Month. Alongside this year’s theme ‘Proud to Be,’ the MCB has adopted the theme ‘Black History Matters’.  

As part of our Proudly Muslim & Black Project, we will be highlighting the immense contributions Black Muslim communities have made to the UK, their respective journeys, and their hopes for the future.   

In addition, the MCB will be preparing for the launch of our ‘Proudly Muslim & Black’ Report, which contains a series of reflective essays, detailing the contributions and experiences of Black British Muslims in Britain. The report will explore the intersections between race, faith and community in contemporary Britain. 

Commenting on the start of Black History Month and the upcoming launch of the Proudly Muslim & Black Report, MCB Secretary General Zara Mohammed said: 

Black Muslim communities have long played an integral role in British society and yet their contributions have been undervalued and overlooked. Often, they are seen as a minority within a minority, and sadly, marginalised – even within wider Muslim communities.  

The Proudly Muslim & Black Report aims to help address this disconnect. Through it, we also hope to understand the lived experience of Black British Muslim communities across, as well as their aspirations for, various sectors of society; including academia, the economy, the criminal justice system, sports and the arts. 

The celebration of Black history should not be limited to one month; it matters all year round. The MCB remains committed to amplifying and celebrating the voices of Black British Muslims and addressing anti-Black racism throughout the year.” 


Visit our Proudly Muslim & Black project page

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