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Campaign Launched to Treat Gaza’s Severely Wounded Children in UK

5-year-old Kinan injured in an Israeli airstrike on 9 July 2014. ©UNICEF/NYHQ2014-0901/El Baba
5-year-old Kinan injured in an Israeli airstrike on 9 July 2014. ©UNICEF/NYHQ2014-0901/El Baba

5 August 2014


With at least 300 children and adolescents killed in Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force in the last month, a new campaign has been launched today to treat in the UK those children in desperate need of medical treatment. Because of the seven year siege, and current onslaught, Gaza lacks medical supplies, equipment and expertise.

Today, the Muslim Council of Britain is adding its voice to demand that our government takes the lead in bringing home severely injured children for immediate treatment in Britain.

The UK has a long and proud tradition of helping victims of conflict. We rightly extended humanitarian assistance to Mala Yousafzai who was attacked by terrorists in Pakistan. Malala was treated at the renowned Queen Elizabeth Hospital which has in-depth experience for treating those injured and suffering the trauma of war.

We call:
  1. On our government to take steps patriate those severely injured Gaza children to the UK
  2. To make the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham available for specialist help; for our national UK Government to join the Scottish government in offering medical treatment in the NHS
  3. On fellow Britons to come together to donate their time, expertise and money to assist in this humanitarian cause. 

  For its part, the Muslim Council of Britain is calling on Muslim charities to assist financially in this purpose. Moved by the horrors from Gaza, British Muslims have already donated millions during the month of Ramadan to help those affected. We look forward to Muslim charities making an announcement in this regard very soon.

The Muslim Council of Britain is also calling on doctors ofall faiths and none to donate their time to assist those affected either in the conflict zone, or here in the UK should the injured be brought here. We hope to announce a team of doctors very soon.

The Muslim Council of Britain would like to acknowledge analready existing petition to urge our government to bring Gaza’s injured children home. We encourage everyone to sign the petition:


Notes to editors

1. The Muslim Council of Britain is the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella body with over500 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques,charities and schools.