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Together in Tribulation: British Muslims and the COVID-19 Pandemic

This report seeks to highlight the specific issues Muslim communities faced during the first seven months of the pandemic.

MCB’s launches COVID report: “Together in Tribulation: British Muslims and the COVID-19 Pandemic”. 

While there is no doubt that COVID-19 has hugely impacted all communities, the impact and experience has been different for various segments of society. Muslim communities in particular have dealt with the pandemic from a place of disproportionate disadvantage, and even within British Muslim communities, some have been more impacted than others.  


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This report seeks to highlight the specific issues Muslim communities faced during the first seven months of the pandemic. These include having the highest COVID-19 mortality rates by faith group and the particular circumstances which put many British Muslims at the highest risk, the suspension of mosque activities and the economic and social implication this has had, the adaptations made to traditional funeral and burial processes, mental health repercussions, and the way in which Muslims were often negatively portrayed in the media reporting of the pandemic.

This report also seeks to demonstrate how Muslim communities across the nation have responded to the impact of the pandemic thus far despite the hardships they faced, and showcase a mere handful of the incredible, innovative and impactful initiatives set up by Muslims to support their local communities and beyond. 

 Harun Khan, Secretary General of the MCB said, 

“Although the pandemic has shown the immense strength of Muslim communities, there have been a number of lessons which we as individual and collective communities need to take into consideration moving forward, that can inform preparations to be better equipped in dealing with subsequent peaks of the pandemic and future surges in cases.  

“We hope that the guidance provided is empowering information for our communities and enables them to work together both individually and amongst other communities, to best serve our society.

I am both proud and humbled by the efforts Muslim communities have shown in light of this pandemic, and what they have been able to achieve in the face of uncertainty. We have truly showcased our capabilities to support one another during something that has been isolating for so many people and have offered hope when it has often been hard to find.

While our communities have delivered great acts of service the past few months, there is still much work to be done, and I look forward to witnessing what we can achieve looking ahead with more collaborative and coordinated efforts.”

To read the full report, click here.

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