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Home Secretary’s Guidelines on ‘Unacceptable Behaviours’

24 Aug 2005

The list of ‘unacceptable behaviours’ announced by the Home Secretary as grounds for exclusion of foreign nationals from the UK (published 24th August 2005) is considered by the MCB to be too wide and unclear. The MCB has asked for a full and proper consultation before these are finalized.

The objective of such policy should be to protect national security, but it needs to be done in a way that is in accord with international legitimacy as enshrined in the UN Charter and resolutions and international instruments with regard to the inalienable rights of the peoples. Above all, these should be practical and capable of being successfully implemented, and not merely sweep under the carpet contrary and uncomfortable opinions.

The fair objective of the order should be to exclude those who, for example, incite hatred or advocate violence, support acts of violence in the UK, or in some way violate any UK law. On the other hand, neither do we not want to be on the side of those who violate UN resolutions and defy international legality.

In an age of global communications, banning entry or deportations may not achieve the intended results. Moreover, such actions against those expressing support for any of the liberation movements anywhere in the world, would be viewed as oppressive.

It would be more prudent to bring persons who threaten the peace and security of the realm, whether resident or visiting, to trial under our own laws. Sending them out may turn them into unwanted heroes who may then be free to export their vile thoughts, if such be the case, from exile. We do not want this.

`We need more thought and consultation for any precipitate action might only add to the burden of our already overstretched security services’ said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain.


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