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Mosques share thousands of free meals in memory of murdered MP Jo Cox this Ramadan

14 June 2016

Thousands of British Muslims are sharing free meals this Ramadan with their neighbours of all faiths and none, including many as part of the Great Get Together campaign.

Hundreds of public fast opening events at mosques and Islamic centers are taking place across the UK – including many under the Great Get Together campaign this weekend on 16-18 June, which will commemorate the one year anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox MP and simultaneously celebrate commonality across communities.

“One way to remove barriers is to get together and share our thoughts, beliefs and values and celebrate the things that unite us”, said Sharif, event organiser at Mohaddis-e-Azam Mission in Bolton who are taking part in the Great Get Together.

Zia from Maidenhead Mosque said, “We wanted to encourage different parts of the local community to get to know each other and learn more about each other, as well as experience the blessings of the month of Ramadan. We will be having a wonderful community iftar with over 100 guests, special food and great company to which all are invited.”

Over a dozen mosques and organisations are taking part in the Great Get Together including:

  • Bury St Edmunds Islamic Cultural Organisation
  • Cheadle Mosque
  • Craven Arms Islamic Centre
  • Finsbury Park Mosque
  • Hyderi Islamic Centre
  • Ipswich Mosque
  • IUS Manchester
  • KSIMC Birmingham
  • Maidenhead Mosque
  • Masjid Aisha, Birmingham
  • Mohaddis-E-Azam, Bolton
  • Northern Ireland Muslim Family Association
  • Peace Centre, Leicester
  • Paighan-e-Islam, Birmingham
  • Noor Ul Islam Trust, Leyton

Several other initiatives are driving communities of all faiths and none together in the Islamic month of Ramadan this year as well, including:

Ramadan Tent Project – student-led social enterprise inspiring open iftar events in major cities internationally.

The Big Date – mosques opening their doors for visitors to come and experience what Muslims do during the month of Ramadan.

The Big Iftar – encouraging community centers and places of worship to host an iftar meal and welcome their friends and neighbours.

Share Ramadan – social media campaign inspiring Muslims to share their Ramadan experience with friends, colleagues or neighbours.

Taste Ramadan – a Greater Manchester initiative welcoming people from all faiths and backgrounds to experience a fast opening meal at a mosque with their local Muslim neighbours.

Harun Khan, MCB Secretary-General, said “The Great Get Together and other fantastic initiatives clearly showcase how our diverse communities have more in common than what divides us. People coming together, sharing food and having common experiences is a far more effective way to overcome fear and misconceptions, especially in the aftermath of the recent attacks in the UK. It shows real civic participation to organise such events.”

He continued, “During this holy month of Ramadan, we remember in our prayers those innocent victims who lost their lives and pray for a peaceful and united nation.”

Millions of Muslims worldwide are fasting as part of the Islamic month of Ramadan, when Muslims make a conscious effort to increase in their spirituality, self-discipline and charitable giving.

The Great Get Together will be taking place on 16 – 18 June. For more information visit


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