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Srebrenica Genocide – 22 Years on

11th July 2017





Today is Srebrenica Memorial Day, a day where we remember the horrific genocide of more than 8000 Bosniak Muslims in 1995. The systematic killing based on ethnic and religious grounds horrified us all, and we cannot even begin to imagine the pain and the suffering that families faced.

The Secretary General of the MCB said, “The event highlights to all of us the importance of ensuring that we do not allow the voices of hate and division to gain prominence. The genocide occurred in 1995, yet it is clear that voices of hate still seek to divide us 22 years later. Whether it be through building walls or banning Muslims from entering particular countries, lessons about the importance of language and action have still not been learnt. Racism is a reality that many across the world face today. We must ensure that action is taken to prevent people from being vilified because of the colour of their skin or their religious beliefs”.

Many are not aware of the atrocities of the massacre which is why days like today are necessary to raise awareness of atrocities and ensure that they are not repeated.


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