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Muslims Help with Flood Relief

11 December 2015

Updated 30 December 2015.

Britain has seen the worst flooding in a very long time following Storms Desmond and Franks, with large swathes of northern England affected.

The Muslim Council of Britain is pleased its affiliates, Alimdaad Foundation UKPenny Appeal and UK Islamic Mission, are on the ground providing much needed aid in Lancashire and Cumbria. Volunteers from York Mosque and Islamic Relief were also on hand to help with the flood recovery effort.  Muslim Aid will also be carried out a needs assessment on Monday and visited some of the worst hit areas and local support centres. Both charities are providing necessary equipment to the affected areas. Other affiliates are also preparing to help, and we hope to celebrate their work soon.

Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the MCB said, “There have been courageous stories of residents coming together to form a human chain to help victims trapped in stores to get out. Though local services are doing what they can, we urge everyone to donate, volunteer, and help in whatever way they can. Muslims too have paid there part in ensuring they care for their neighbours and those most in need. ”.

If your mosque or Islamic association is assisting with the flood relief efforts, please email [email protected] know so that we can share your good work.


Charities raising funds:

Alimdaad Foundation UK

Islamic Relief

Penny Appeal

Muslim Aid

British Red Cross

Al Khair Foundation




Al Khair Foundation provided its teams with cleaning materials like mops, brushes and additional tools such as shovels, wheelbarrows and spades to help in the aftermath of flooding. Volunteers could be seen hard at work on Rochdale streets providing hot food, sand bags, organising the clearing of damaged property and furniture, clearing drains and buying petrol generators to pump out stagnant water. A report can be seen in Manchester Evening News.


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