Press Releases

The MCB Urges Europe to Restrain Israel

4th December 2001
The Muslim Council of Britain deplores the dramatic escalation of violence in Palestine and today urged the European Union governments to act swiftly and intervene to offset heavy US bias towards Israel.


“The US seems to have given Ariel Sharon a green light to terrorise the Palestinians who have endured living under a 34-year-long military occupation. This can only lead to more resentment and radicalisation in the Muslim world. How many more innocent Palestinians and Israelis have to die before the US rethinks its Middle East policy and works for a just peace?” said Yousuf Bhailok, Secretary General of the MCB.


“Without full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories – in compliance with UN resolutions – there will only be more bloodshed in the Holy Land and the cycle of violence will not be broken. We urge the world powers to act before it is too late”, he added.


The MCB believes that Israel’s continuing refusal to leave the occupied territories and its heavy-handed tactics, including the use of F-16 fighter planes against a civilian population will only make matters worse.