Campaign Against Forced Cremations in Sri Lanka

Support MCB to end forced cremations in Sri Lanka

What is happening in Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lankan Government has implemented a compulsory cremation policy on all COVID-19 deceased. It has been reported that around 100 Muslim bodies have been cremated including a 20-day old baby. This cremation policy of the Sri Lankan Government has had a devastating impact on Sri Lankan Muslim families within the UK and abroad.
This policy is based on the false premise that there is a possibility of the virus leaking out of the buried bodies. This is contrary to the advice given by the World Health Organisation around safe and dignified burials.

What is the MCB doing to overcome this? 

The Muslim Council of Britain has set up a taskforce made up of Sri Lankan representative bodies, lawyers, medical experts and community organisations. The taskforce has been working to ensure this matter is taken seriously and that significant pressure is applied to the Sri Lankan Government to reverse this policy.  The MCB has now decided to take unprecedented action and issue a complaint to the United Nations. This complaint will be led by a team of expert lawyers with the aim of getting the Sri Lankan Government to reverse its cremation policy.

How can I help? 

This type of action by a State against its citizens sets dangerous precedent and must be challenged. This is why it is so important that we work together to have this policy reversed. We need everyone to support this campaign and help our teams to achieve the best result. Please donate whatever you can to help.

  • Write to your local MP

It is important to create awareness about what the Sri Lankan Government is doing and encourage political representatives to raise this issue to the UK Government.

A template letter can be found here

  • Write to interfaith organisations you know

This is a human rights issue that impacts Muslim and Christain minority communities so it is fundamental to encourage all faith communities to come together and express solidarity.

A template letter can be found here.

  • Support the complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Committee 

The MCB will be launching a legal and advocacy fund in which we will humbly request donations from you to aid this critical work.  

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