Muslims Vote

Why Vote?

This General Election is an opportunity for British Muslims to make their voices heard by exercising the civil obligation to fully engage and participate in the political process.

Voting is not a luxury – it is the responsibility of all citizens. The Muslim Council of Britain calls on Muslims across the UK to take the first step to exercising this essential right by ensuring they are registered to vote with their local authority. Read the full MCB statement on the General Election 2019 here.

Muslim Council of Britain Rates Parties’ Policies to Support Muslims

The MCB has produced a guide for voters this election, showing where the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats stand on the ten key pledges to best support Muslim communities.

The commitments were developed following extensive surveying its affiliates and amongst Muslim communities. The pledges represent a consensus view of the key challenges facing British Muslim communities.

Muslim Council of Britain Launches Cross-Party Election Pledges

On 27 November, the MCB called on political parties and prospective candidates to commit to a set of pledges ahead of the General Election.

The commitments were developed following extensive surveying its affiliates and amongst Muslim communities. The pledges represent a consensus view of the key challenges facing British Muslim communities and a call on political parties and the next government to prioritise them.

2019 Policy Platform: British Muslim Perspectives on the General Election

This report, along with identifying a number of policies on a range of issues from the NHS to national security, details the issues surrounding Islamophobia which are most pertinent to British Muslims. In particular, the MCB found 3 in 4 Muslims are most concerned about the media portrayal of Muslims, and that many British Muslims are looking for strong leadership on tackling Islamophobia from the next government.

Full report can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

National Muslim Voter Registration Day

Friday 22 November is National Muslim Voter Registration Day – get involved!

The MCB is encouraging all Muslims to register to vote and help others to register to vote on the national day of action on Friday 22 November.

You can do this by reminding your friends, family and colleagues to make sure they’re registered, or set up your own voter registration drive.

Many mosques and Muslim organisations are holding voter registration drives to mark National Muslim Voter Registration Day, including:

  • Finsbury Park Mosque, North London
  • Birmingham Central Mosque, West Midlands
  • Masjid al Hikmah, Aberdeen

Complete the online registration form here:, and check out our voter registration event guide here.

Where Muslim Votes Might Matter

The MCB has identified 31 marginal seats where Muslim votes are expected to have a “medium” or “high” impact. The analysis compares the number of Muslims of voting age in each constituency with the results of the 2017 General Election.

Host a Hustings Event

Would you like to give your community the opportunity to meet their prospective parliamentary candidates and find out more about their views? Host a hustings event in your local area, inviting along all the prospective candidates and hold a question and answer session.

You can read more about how to organise this here.

Jumu’ah Khutbah (Friday Sermon)

We’ve put together a template Friday Sermon (Khutbah) about the importance of the Muslim Vote and engaging in public life.

Please share with the Imam at your local mosque today!

Advice for Charities during the General Election

Registered charities can partake in the General Election in many ways. However, charities are strictly forbidden from endorsing any political party or prospective parliamentary candidate. Instead, organisations with charity status can campaign to encourage political participation.


The MCB has produced advice for mosques with charitable status on what they can and can’t do during the election.

Candidates, pledge your support for Muslim communities!

Candidates for the 2019 General Election, from all parties and none, are invited to add their name in support of the ten policy pledges detailed in our election policy platform. Your name will appear on a published list of supporters following moderator review. All details will be kept in line with GDPR regulations.

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