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Your donations to our Where Most Needed fund enable us to fill gaps and sustainably continue our work.

Your donations to our Where Most Needed fund enable us to fill gaps and sustainably continue our work, building stronger Muslim communities, advocating on your behalf and working across the UK to bring us together for a more just society for all.

Help us create better mosques, and provide innovative and diversified projects to make a meaningful difference to our communities across the UK. By donating to the Where Most Needed fund you can be sure that your funds will be used to provide the best possible support to those projects most in need.

Given growing demand from communities for capacity building, empowerment and representation across Britain, the MCB has grown year on year since its establishment but in order to deliver the projects our communities need, we need your support. Meeting greater calls for community support means ever improving and developing the structures of the MCB.

You can help sustain and transform our work with one simple click. Please donate today.

How we use your money

1. Advocacy

One our key focuses given the growing spotlight on our communities and the unfortunate rise in islamophobic hate crime as a result is Tackling Islamophobia. The MCB has multiple projects in this area, looking to build consensus around the APPG definition of Islamophobia, delivering workshops across sectors, supporting the work of our Centre for Media Monitoring and looking at Islamophobia in Political parties as well.
However, we also advocate on behalf of our communities in other areas, such as, increasing funding for security to our mosques, better COVID messaging for communities, increased representation within the media etc.

2. Capacity building our communities

The MCB provides media trainings, racial justice workshops, islamophobia workshops, RSE support, and a whole host of resources for mosques and madrasas on governance, youth support and more. The MCB is also in the process of launching a Mosque funding platform that would help mosques access much needed funding to improve their governance and service delivery. Alongside this we provide a whole host of Ramadan and COVID toolkits and resources that are used across civil society.

3. Representing our affiliates

The MCB represents our affiliates in roundtables with media, civil service, MPs and government representatives. We work hard to share the views and feedback we receive from our affiliates to better inform policy and community relations. We also sit on interfaith and international panels, to represent the views of the British Muslim community as best we can. This continues to be vital work, though less highlighted, part of our work.

Support us to continue to develop and transform diversified projects where they are most needed, donate today.

Make a difference with the MCB this Ramadan by donating to Where Most Needed – from mosque development, to holding the media accountable for unfair reporting to building bridges with communities, we represent the British Muslim society to counter negative narrative about British Muslims.

£25 could provide support towards developing Mosques and building bridges across communities

£50 could provide support towards capacity building to develop future female leaders

£100 could provide support towards challenging anti-Black racism within British Muslim communities and fostering a greater degree of intra/inter community cohesion

£150 could provide support towards upskilling Mosques with new skills, ideas and training to continue to showcase the great work of Mosques across the UK and allow mosques to adapt to the changing environment they face

£200 could provide support towards challenging islamophobia and holding the media accountable for unfair reporting

Where Most Needed

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