Latest COVID19 Advice for British Muslims

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1. Mosques & Madrasas
2. Keeping Safe
3. Vaccines
4. Mental Health
5. Hajj & Umrah
6. Ramadan 2021 (Archive)

1. Advice for Mosques and Madrasas

Following the announcement of further lockdown restriction easing in England from 19 July 2021, it is important that we come out of the lockdown in a way that finds a balance between safety and a return to worshipping as normal.

With input from health care professionals, scholars, mosque committees and Muslim community members,  on 15 July the MCB has produced updated 8-step guidance for mosques in England to safely come out of lockdown.

Download the guidance here (PDF)


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This advice should always be reviewed and implemented only according to your own local context and with input from local medical experts and scholars. Ultimately the management personnel of each mosque is responsible for ensuring a safe and legally compliant place of worship and will decide their own rules according to what they deem is most appropriate at a particular time.

Separate guidance will be released for the devolved nations.

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2. Keeping Safe – Advice for Individuals

3. Vaccinations

4. Mental Health During the Pandemic

Several Muslim mental health organisations in the UK have united to provide a range of services to tackle mental health problems arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

Each organisation specialises in a different aspect of mental health, and can be contacted as your needs require. More details can be found at the MCB Mental Health Resource page or in the flyer below.

5. Advice for Umrah/Hajj Travellers

The current COVID-19 crisis means that there is uncertainty in many aspects of life and the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are no different.

Umrah 2021

UPDATE 9 Aug 2021 – the Council of British Hajjis UK has issued a guidance that Umrah is gradually started to re-open for countries around the word based on approved licensed agents, a list of which is yet to be published by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah. Until then it is advised NOT to book a Umrah package with any company. Alternative route to entry via a Saudi Tourism Visa exist but are subject to additional conditions. Click here to read latest CBHUK guidance for British Muslims.

Hajj 2021will be approximately 17-22 July. 

UPDATE 13 June 2021 – The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj & Umrah has announced that Hajj in 2021 will be limited to citizens and residents from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only, in similarity to 2020. No British pilgrims residing in the UK will be allowed to enter and British pilgrims should NOT make any bookings or pay any deposits for Hajj 2021 packages

Click here to read latest CBHUK (Council of British Hajjis UK) guidance for British Muslims.

Click here for FCDO guidance on pilgrimage travel to Saudi Arabia.

For more information and general advice on Hajj , visit the news page from the Council of British Hajjis UK

For UK Government’s travel advice to Saudi Arabia, click here.

6. Ramadan 2021 (Archive)

Top tips for celebrating a #SafeEid for Eid Al-Fitr 2021 in England can be found below. Click here to view the full press release. Please check separate guidance for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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