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Our Mosques Our Future 2020: Welcome Message

#OurMosquesOurFuture is an annual conference organised by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), sharing best practice and good work of UK mosques, but also not shying away from asking the difficult questions on what is holding us back.

This year’s conference is taking place this online weekend, 27-29 November 2020, online with 20+ speakers and 10 free virtual sessions on the theme  #BeyondCOVID.  Read on  below  for  the  Delegate Booklet and Secretary  General’s  welcome  message. Full details  at:

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Secretary General’s Welcome Message – Our Mosques Our Future, #BeyondCOVID, 2020

Salaam Alaykum, Greetings of Peace 

 This year has been filled with immeasurable uncertainty, grief and challenges. Yet throughout 2020, Muslim communities across Britain have come together in tribulation to support their local communities during the pandemic. It is now, more important than ever to unite as a community, to strengthen our institutions and to work cohesively. 

 Whilst the pandemic is ongoing, COVID19-secure rules and reduced capacity in our mosques will remain with us for several more months at least, if not longer. But beyond coping with the short-term challenges, how many of us are planning ahead into 2021 and into how we want our mosques to operate #BeyondCOVID

  • Rates of youth unemployment in 2021 are forecast to be very high. With about 50% of British Muslims aged 24 years old or younger, what can your mosque do to help young people in your community get a job
  • Even before the pandemic, digital payment overtook cash as the most frequently used payment method in Britain in 2018. Are our mosques geared up to fundraise digitally
  • Lockdown has made us all accustomed to accessing services from home. In the “new normal”, how can you ensure your Imam, educational and other mosque services are not limited to the walls of your mosque building only? 

Since January 2018, the Our Mosques Our Future conferences have been designed to be a space for mosque leaders and volunteers to share best practice, but also not shy away from asking the difficult questions.  

This weekend’s sessions will cover a range of hot topics, from engaging with your congregations digitally, to looking after leadership and mental health in uncertain times. Whether you’re an Imam, trustee, committee member, volunteer, activist, worshipper, or simply someone who is interested in mosques in Britain today, there is something in this virtual conference for you.   

Thank you to our supporting partners who have helped make this conference possible: Euro Quality Foundation, Muntada Aid, Farani Taylor, Islamic Relief and Bates Wells.  

Like other places of worship across Britain this year, our mosques have proven themselves to be one of the safest venues in the country in terms of being COVID19-secure. I pray that we can continue to employ this adaptability and resourcefulness to make our mosques ready for the ‘new normal’ in 2021 and beyond insha’Allah.  

 Harun Khan | MCB Secretary General  

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