Muslim Council of Britain:
Empowering British Muslim Communities

Our mission is to empower Muslim communities to achieve a just, cohesive and successful British society.

Current Key Issues & Focuses


General Elections


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MCBx: Post-conference highlights


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Support Us Today To Help Make A Difference

Support Us Today To Help Make A Difference

Where We Make Impact

We work to ensure British Muslims are accurately represented in the media, We challenge islamophobia headlines, poor reporting and talk on the issues that matter most to communities.

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Our policy research bridges the gap between grassroots knowledge and new policy ideas to drive positive change at all levels of society.

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Your opinion matters. We’re at the forefront of advocacy to shape the discourse about Muslims and the wider role we play, to cause change for a fairer and more just society.



We promote awareness and inclusivity by providing resources and hands-on support to schools, colleges and other educational institutions.


Research & Development

By investing and carrying out reports within our communities, the MCB produces valuable research into the life of British Muslims in 2022.


International Advocacy

The impact of MCB’s efforts extends beyond Britain, campaigning for the human rights of Muslims throughout the world.

Who We Represent

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella organisation with over 500 members including mosques, schools, charitable associations and professional networks.

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We’re a grassroots organisation led by the community, for the community. You can get involved in the work of the MCB through your own institution as an affiliate, directly as a volunteer or as an advisor.

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Our Purpose

Our mission is to empower Muslim communities to achieve a just, cohesive and successful British society.

We are entirely independent, representing the broad Islamic ethos and traditions of our membership, through dynamic leadership that fulfills our organisational mission. We excel at leading community projects and initiatives around the country. Our work makes a meaningful impact on the everyday lives of Muslims and the communities they represent. We work to champion the achievements of British Muslim and celebrate our mutual successes, so that together, we can grow stronger.

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