Become an affiliate

Help strengthen the voice of British Muslims – Get your organisation to join the MCB as an affiliate today.

Not part of an organisation? You can still support by becoming a Friend of MCB or volunteering.

Membership Benefits:

1. Advice & Support
  1. PR Support – support from national experts on media / public relations.
  2. Media Training (NEW!)– bespoke media awareness and training sessions for your organisation’s staff and volunteers available
  3. Discounted training & conferences–  Such as courses on charity law and trusteeship, and conferences like Our Mosques Our Future
2. Advocacy & Representation
  1. Voice – strengthening the voice of Muslims in the UK within wider British civil society e.g. public sector, policy makers, NGOs, media etc.
  2. Press Statements – Have your say on media and press statements that MCB makes
  3. Advocacy – focusing on and lobbying for issues of interest to Muslim communities in the UK, based on consultation with affiliates
  4. Participation – have your members / volunteers involved in MCB governance committees eg. National Council, to influence policy / decision making
  5. Elections – Voting rights at AGM elections for future MCB Leadership
3. Networking & Events
  1. Best Practice – make use of (and contribute to) best practice resources and template Friday sermons (khutbahs) on topical issues affecting Muslims in the UK
  2. Projects – join regular regional roundtable / feedback meetings on topics including counter-terrorism listening exercise, media monitoring, capacity building of communities etc
  3. Networking opportunities – be the first to hear about MCB-organised networking dinners and conferences in your region
  4. Special interest groups – Join one of several working groups on specific topics including Education, Health, Youth, Women and New Muslims / Converts
  5. Campaigns – Get involved in latest MCB campaigns such as #VisitMyMosque, MacMillan Coffee Mornings, International Women’s Day and more!
Does it cost?
  • Monthly membership starts from just £10 per month and is graded depending on your organisation’s income:
    1. £10 per month – Annual turnover less than £100,000
    2. £25 per month – Annual turnover £100,000-£500,000
    3. £50 per month – Annual turnover £500,000-£1m
    4. £100 per month – Annual turnover £1m-£2.5m
    5. £200 per month – Annual turnover £2.5m-£5m
    6. £300 per month – Annual turnover £5m-£15m
    7. £500 per month – Annual turnover greater than £15m
  • Fill in an online Application Form by clicking the button below.

For any membership queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch here.