Proudly Muslim and Black

Celebrating the contributions, history and heritage of Black Muslims in Britain today

Black Muslim communities constitute about 10% of British Muslim communities according to the 2011 census, and they face a combination of racism and Islamophobia, both within Muslim communities and in wider society. For too long their achievements and challenges have not been given the attention they deserve. We want to work with our communities to start changing this.

The MCB strives to promote inclusivity, act as a platform for existing initiatives, a hub for resources and materials on this subject area and bring together academics and practitioners to highlight the key areas that need to be addressed in relation to history, social impact, youth and communities cohesion. We hope to promote progress and change within our affiliates, our communities and wider society.

Our Aim

It will remain our overarching aim to facilitate greater discussion and engagement between/within Black and non-Black Muslim communities, challenging anti-Black racism within British Muslim communities and fostering a greater degree of intra/inter communities cohesion on an ongoing basis over the long term.

Going forth, the Muslim Council of Britain wishes to expand upon 24 months of grassroots communities engagement and consultation by working in close collaboration with a range of expert stakeholders who have already been leading the way to:

  • Produce a report detailing Black Muslim experience in the UK
  • Develop a PM&B online resource portal
  • Organise events and initiatives on anti-Blackness within the British Muslim communities, inclusive of a Black Muslim youth conference and communities based anti-racism workshops
  • Support ongoing grassroots campaigns

We aim to collate information through surveys, existing research and a series of focus groups, culminating in a report which details the standing and circumstance of the Black British communities today. Given the current climate, we are also aiming to include a research piece on the disproportionate impact on BAME communities by COVID 19. We hope that these research pieces will prove a useful tool for those looking to build initiatives to address the issues impacting Black British Muslims, whilst also showcasing the amazing work that is already being done and highlight the contributions.

Project Updates

What’s Next

Look out for more activities and events coming soon, including:

  • Launch of a Proudly Muslim and Black report detailing Black Muslim experience in the UK
  • Development of a PM&B online resource portal

How You Can Help

1. Donate

Proudly Muslim and Black is led by a member of the MCB Executive Committee, Rashidat Adeyinka Hassan and is entirely reliant upon a small team of volunteer researchers and project assistants. We’d like to finally build our dedicated online portal of resources, hire a dedicated Project Officer to assist in the organisation and delivery of research works we’ve undertaken and organise more events and activities.
By supporting this project you can help us make lasting change to our communities. Please donate by clicking here.

  • £25 could provide support towards challenging anti-Black racism within British Muslim communities and fostering a greater degree of intra/inter communities cohesion
  • £50 could provide support towards research and production of a report detailing Black Muslim experience in the UK and develop an online resource portal
  • £100 could provide support towards organising relevant events and initiatives on anti-blackness within the British Muslim communities , inclusive of a Black Muslim youth conference and communities based anti-racism workshops
  • £200 could provide support towards ongoing grassroots campaigns across various topics addressing issues of racial inequalities within the Muslim communities as well as the general UK society with the objective of acknowledging the age-long inequality suffered by Black African and Afro-Caribbean Communities

2. Volunteer

If you are interested in getting involved in the project, please sign up and join the team. The MCB is a volunteer led organization, we need you to make change.

3. Follow and Share

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  1. Everyday Muslim has a great initiative documenting Black Muslims’ experiences: Exploring the Diversity of Black British Muslim Heritage.
  2. ”What does it mean to be Black & Muslim in Britain?”. BMB Project has produced an award winning series of videos exploring stories & dialogue around being Black & Muslim in Britain today.
  3. Black Muslim Forum’s report on anti-black racism in the British Muslim communities.
  4. A wealth of resources available to non-black Muslims in their pursuit of greater understanding, compiled by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan.
  5. #BlackIslamSyllabus, curated by Kayla Renee Wheeler, is an incredible resource that collates scholarly works on a wide range of topics.

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