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MCB pays tribute to the 72 lives lost on 4-year anniversary of Grenfell tower fire


MCB pays tribute to the 72 lives lost on 4-year anniversary of Grenfell tower fire

Today marks four years since a fire engulfed the Grenfell tower, taking the lives of 72 people.  

The Muslim Council of Britain pays tribute to the victims who lost their lives and expresses solidarity with the Grenfell community, who continue to advocate for justice and accountability. 

Let us also recognise the incredible efforts of local communities and grassroots organisations, who played a pivotal role in responding to the tragedy, and have continued to provide necessary support to survivors and families of those we lost. In community, there remains strength.  
MCB Secretary-General, Zara Mohammed, has said: 

“The Grenfell tower tragedy has laid bare the scale and severity of inequalities that continue to be perpetuated in our society, whereby the lived experience of basic rights is vastly different based on socio-economic circumstance.   
“To date, survivors, the families of those deceased and campaign groups continue their fight for safe, habitable housing for all those that remain housed in cladded buildings like Grenfell.  It is now urgent that the Government acts to ensure that remedies are implemented as soon as possible so this can never happen again.  
“A home should be a sanctuary for our families and for our loved ones. Let us continue to work for justice and support those advocating for change.”