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MCB position on Counter-Terrorism policy and PREVENT

MCB position on Counter-Terrorism policy and PREVENT
We appreciate people may be asking some questions about why the MCB has not signed the letter on the boycott of the Prevent review over the choice of chair, William Shawcross.
For clarity:
  1. The MCB is currently finalising a considered community approach to counter-terrorism and Prevent. This will be one based on evidence and informed by the work of our National Listening Exercise (NLE). The outputs from this wide-ranging consultation of Muslim communities will include an evidence-based series of recommendations and will be published soon.
  2. The MCB continues to unequivocally condemn Shawcross’s historic statements regarding Islam and Muslims. We have actively campaigned against Shawcross’s appointment, giving briefings to shadow ministers. See our January statement on his appointment here.
  3.  The absence of the MCB’s name in the list of signatories to the boycott is not an endorsement of Mr Shawcross or his views, nor is it an endorsement of PREVENT and the well-documented damage it has inflicted on Muslim communities.
  4. The MCB has always encouraged our affiliates and other Muslim organisations to approach the review in a manner reflecting the interests and needs of their local communities.
  5. Our Public Affairs department continues to engage this issue through internal channels, making our opposition to the appointment of Shawcross clear, whilst re-enforcing the need for a truly independent review of Prevent.