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MCB Publishes #SafeRamadan 2021 Guidance


9 April 2021

MCB publishes #SafeRamadan 2021 guidance

As British Muslims prepare for the start of the holy month of Ramadan early next week in the midst of lockdown easing, the Muslim Council of Britain today published its #SafeRamadan guidance (PDF) to help communities make the most out of the month safely.

The guidelines are part of the MCB’s continued initiatives since the start of the pandemic to proactively inform and educate Muslim communities in the fight against the virus.

Ramadan is usually a time for Muslims to gather with friends and family and in mosques to break the fast and pray together. Unlike in 2020, this year mosques will be able to open for prayers within COVID19 secure guidelines. However, the absence of large iftar gatherings or visiting family and friends indoors will mean Ramadan 2021 will continue to be largely observed from home with family for most British Muslim.

The MCB’s #SafeRamadan guidance advises ways in which Muslims across the UK can still make the most of Ramadan both socially and spiritually. This includes advice on hosting and attending virtual iftars (meal at the end of fasting), to tuning in to their local mosque’s livestreamed or pre-recorded services, to top tips for working or studying from home. And where small outdoor gatherings between households are planned in-line with current rules, it is advised to exercise caution and take extra care. We must remember that British Muslim communities have been disproportionately affected by the virus.

Many British Muslims will also be invited to receive their first or second vaccine dose during Ramadan. The MCB’s guidance re-iterates that getting vaccinated does not invalidate your fast according to the vast majority of Islamic scholars and should not be a reason to delay getting vaccinated. A Ramadan health fact sheet (PDF) co-produced with British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) also provides further advice for fasting patients and NHS health care professionals.

Many mosques across the UK will be ramping up their services both physically and virtually during Ramadan. A new #SafeRamadan template Friday sermon has also been produced for Imams to use in live and pre-recorded sermons. 

Commenting, Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the MCB said:

“Ramadan is an important time to strengthen our connection with God through worship, reflection, fasting and charity. This year’s Ramadan for British Muslims will be an important one, looking back on a year of the pandemic, remembering those we’ve lost and the lives changed forever.

“As we take these tentative steps out of lockdown, it’s important we continue to follow the advice to keep safe this Ramadan, as we look forward with hope, determination and faith.

“The message for vaccination during Ramadan is clear: vaccines don’t invalidate your fast. Stay safe, protect one another and get vaccinated. Finally, I wish everyone a blessed and joyful Ramadan.”


Notes to editors:

1. The Muslim Council of Britain is the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella body with over 500 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and professional networks.

2. The MCB’s Ramadan guidance for 2021 has been published today, 9 April 2021, and is available here (PDF). More information on Ramadan is available at

3. Overall COVID19 guidance for British Muslim communities continues to be regularly updated at