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The Great Big Green Week 2021

Muslim Council of Britain Partners with Muslim Charities Forum and The Climate Coalition for The Great Big Green Week 2021 | 18th – 26th September

As Muslims, we have a duty to care for our planet. We have been instructed to refrain from committing abuse of Allah SWT creations, instead treading upon this Earth with consideration and consuming to fulfill our needs in moderation.  Indeed, “the servants of the Lord of Mercy are those that walk gently upon the Earth…” (Qur’an 25:63).

View our gallery of campaign images, showcasing verses from the Qur’an and Hadith that reinforce the importance of environmental sustainability in Islam, below.

WATCH:  Zara Mohammed, Secretary-General MCB  #GreatBigGreenWeek 2021 video message.

This year, MCB called upon mosques to participate in The Great Big Green Week through the The Big Green Jummah on Friday, 24th September. Mosques across the country were encouraged to dedicate their Friday sermons to enlightening worshippers on the Islamic stance on environmentalism and the pressing need to tackle climate change.

Download our Eco Khutbah here.

MCB’s Great Big Green Week concluded with the inaugural  Environmental Sustainability Conference 2021, delivered in collaboration with the Muslims in Britain Research Network and the Sustainable Consumption Institute at Manchester University.

Hundreds of participants joined us for a series of talks exploring how Muslims in Britain engage with, and understand, environmental sustainability. Zara Mohammed, Secretary-General of the MCB, delivered the keynote address and chaired an interactive MCB-led session entitled: ‘Overcoming Barriers to Sustainability: A Muslim Community Perspective’. Initial feedback from participants proved the conference a rousing success, generating much-needed interest in promoting the cause of environment sustainability within British Muslim communities.

Additional resources on The Big Green Week 2021 can be found on the Muslim Charities Forum and  The Great Big Green Week websites.

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