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Co-ordinating efforts on COVID-19 – listen back to Community Briefing Calls

Co-ordinating efforts on COVID-19 – Listen back to Community Briefing Calls

As part of bringing unity to the Muslim communities’ response to the COVID-19 crisis, the MCB is collaborating with the leads from a range of national, regional and specialist Muslim community organisations to co-ordinate community response efforts.

This includes a weekly Community Briefing Call every Sunday at 11.00am-12.15pm, which can be listened to live, or as a recording afterwards.

Register for next Community Briefing Call on 12 April.

Listen to the most recent call here:

Community Briefing Call – 5 April. You can also view the slides provided by BIMA, MYH and on Fake News.

Call Archive

Call 3 – 29 March

Call 2 – 22 March

Call 1 – 14 March

Keep up to date with the latest Broadcasts / Announcements including future Community Briefing Calls at:

– Join WhatsApp broadcast group

– Join the COVID-19 mailing list

– View the latest guidance 

In addition, several Community Response Groups have been established using WhatsApp and Zoom calls to enable volunteers and leads within each field to discuss and co-ordinate efforts. These include:

1. Medical

2. Burials / Funerals

3. Charities & Relief

4. Online Service Delivery

5. Mental Health

6. Financial Support/Business advice

7. Hajj & Umrah

8. Publicity & Communications

Community members are invited to make a suggestion to or volunteer their professional skills for the community response efforts, so that together, we can keep our communities safe, updated with the latest guidance and contributing to the safety of our country at this challenging time for all.

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