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National Muslim Voter Registration Day – Friday 22 November!

The MCB is partnering with Migrants Organise to run a national day of action to promote voter registration on Friday 22 November to ensure as many Muslims as possible are registered to vote for the UK General Election on Thursday 12 December.

You can do this by reminding your friends, family and colleagues to make sure they’re registered. Register to vote online.

Did you know you can register to vote if you’re a Commonwealth citizen? Check to see if you’re eligible.

Advice on registering to vote is now available in ArabicUrdu and Bengali.

Run your own voter registration drive

Get your community registered to vote by holding a registration drive after Jumu’ah prayers this Friday. It is simple: all you need is one or two volunteers, depending on the size of the congregation, with a working computer or iPad and an internet connection. 

Volunteers can ask people leaving Jumu’ah whether they are registered to vote, and if not, they can register them on the spot online. This takes 5 minutes to complete, and requires either a National Insurance number or a form of identification.

Read our voter registration guide for more information.
Need help? Get in touch.

How the MCB can help you

The MCB has produced a host of resources for mosques and communities for the General Election.

Registered charities are not allowed to endorse any political party or candidate. Here’s our advice for how charities can engage with the General Election.

You can discuss the election and political participation at Jumu’ah. Read our Jumu’ah Khutbah about voting and engaging in politics.

All of our resources relating to the General Election will be available on our website. Visit: If you would like any support during the General Election, please contact: [email protected].

Please consider donating to the MCB to help us carry out essential work to better support our communities. You can do this on our website by visiting:

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