MCB Updates

Hate Crime Awareness Workshop

On Wednesday 26 June, the Legal Affairs Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain hosted a workshop in collaboration with the CPS Muslim Network, Muslim Association of Britain, Association of Muslim Police and Finsbury Park Mosque.

The workshop explored what is hate crime, how is it different to hate incidents, its legal definitions, how to report and the roles of the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and 3rd party reporting organisations. How these types of crimes are investigated, charged and the judicial penalties was also explored, as well as what by-standers and members of the community can do to address and tackle hate crime. Speakers included:

  • Javid Rana, Association of Muslim Police
  • Hauwa Shehu, Crown Prosecution Service Muslim Network
  • Akeela Ahmed, Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group

For more information about the work of the Legal Affairs Committee and upcoming initiatives, please get in touch here.