The Muslim Council of Britain is delighted to present its guide for Ramadan 2024, the holy month of the Islamic calendar observed worldwide for fasting, prayer, reflection, charity, and community engagement. Ramadan is expected to begin on the 11th March subject to moon-sighting.

This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the meaning and practices of Ramadan, providing practical advice for employers supporting Muslim colleagues. It also includes top tips for maintaining physical and mental well-being during Ramadan, particularly for those fasting while working. 

This year, we have incorporated new sections, offering advice to educational institutes such as schools and tips on engaging communities to foster unity by hosting an Iftar and attending one too. 

Zara Mohammed, Secretary-General of the MCB, expressed her thoughts: 

“As British Muslims eagerly await the arrival of Ramadan, this guide advocates for a sustainable and eco-conscious Ramadan, encouraging mosques and community centres to adopt greener practices.

Now as a welcome fixture of the British calendar, we expect this Ramadan to be full of much engagement, with community iftars across the country in all venues, arenas and places of worship, inviting all in to share and celebrate the month.

We hope this guide will prove a useful tool in supporting others to better understand Ramadan and its importance to Muslims.

We also encourage Muslim communities to participate in a new campaign, pledging to make one permanent eco-friendly change this year. ”


February 28, 2024 in General News, MCB Updates, Press Releases
Ramadan 2024: Future First