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MCB responds to suspension of Trevor Phillips over allegations of Islamophobia


9 March 2020

MCB calls on Foreign Secretary to condemn violence against Muslims in India

Today, the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, has been suspended by the Labour Party following allegations of Islamophobia.

Commenting, an MCB spokesperson said:

“Mr Phillips has made incendiary statements about Muslims that would be unacceptable for any other minority. Many of these sweeping generalisations are unfounded, wildly exaggerated and are familiar tropes taken up by the far right.

“He has claimed Muslims do not report terrorism, despite the poll he cited showing Muslims report terrorism more than the general public. He likened placing a Christian girl into a foster care with a Muslim family as akin to “child abuse”; and further propagates the othering of Muslims, claiming Muslims are “not like us”, “see the world differently” and are a “nation within a nation”. 

“The impact of Mr Phillips claims from a privileged vantage point is dangerous, providing licence to far-right ideologues such as Tommy Robinson who have seized upon these remarks. 

“Mr Phillips would have us believe that he is a martyr for free speech and tolerance. But the fact remains that the deployment of these sweeping generalisations and tropes would not be acceptable for any other community. 

“We are not commenting on the internal processes of the Labour Party, its choices or prioritisation of this case versus others. We expect the Party to follow appropriate process and investigate its members over all allegations of Islamophobia, and all other types of racism.” 


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