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Muslim Council of Britain encourages all Muslims to go out and vote!

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12 December 2019

2019 General Election and British Muslims: Muslim Council of Britain encourages Muslim voters to participate today, forecasts highest ever Muslim voter turnout


Today the Muslim Council of Britain, the country’s leading British Muslim representative body has reiterated that British Muslims have a civic and religious duty to vote in the 2019 UK General Election, and has predicted that British Muslim voters will be more vocal in this election than in any other vote in the country’s history.

The MCB has worked with local partners and affiliates across the UK to mobilise the vote of Muslim communities, many of which have a crucial role in the election. The organisation’s research has identified 31 marginal constituencies where Muslim votes may have a deciding role.

Although non-partisan, the MCB has been vocal throughout the election campaign in calling for a full inquiry into the Conservative Party’s Islamophobia problem, and challenging broadcasters including the BBC to cover it proportionately.

MCB Secretary General, Harun Khan, said:

“We have been one of the leading voices for Muslims’ concerns this election. This has ranged from driving the first ever National Muslim Voter Registration Day, to identifying the marginal constituencies where Muslims have the biggest role to play, to challenging both the political and media class on Islamophobia. Muslim concerns are simply too significant to be ignored.

“The result is that this election is predicted to have the highest Muslim turnout in history.”


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