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Muslim Council of Britain pays tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu


The Muslim Council of Britain expresses its deepest condolences  Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu, who passed away on the morning of 26 December 2021 in Cape Town at the age of 90.

The Archbishop was well known for work against apartheid in South Africa alongside Nelson Mandela, and was a life long advocate for human rights globally.

A delegation from the Muslim Council of Britain visited the late Archbishop in 2009 to discuss the role he could play in bridge building between communities. The Archbishop also spoke strongly for the cause of the Palestinian people and challenged the occupation by Israel.

In 2014, he said: “I have witnessed the systemic humiliation of Palestinian men, women and children by members of the Israeli security forces.”

“Their humiliation is familiar to all black South Africans who were corralled and harassed and insulted and assaulted by the security forces of the apartheid government.”

He also famously said: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

Paying tribute to Archbishop Desmond TuTu, MCB Secretary General, Zara Mohammed said:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a model faith leader for our modern times. From his own faith tradition he spoke truth to power, fearlessly challenged injustice and sought reconciliation where possible.

He was a brave voice for equality and against apartheid, whoever was the perpetrator. He will be sorely missed.

He was a man whose good work will continue to benefit others long after him. His life is a reminder to us all that we can only build a better world for the common good with a compassionate heart and a just voice.”


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