Sustainability & Climate Change

A team of volunteers working to promote environmental sustainability within British Muslim communities.

Islam and Environmentalism

Environmental sustainability is at the core of Islam, with the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) saying in a narration: “Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream.

In early 2020, as we come to grips with the consequences of global environmental degradation and climate change, the MCB formed a Sustainability Team to explore ways of better promote environmental sustainability across the work of MCB and its members.

Online Iftars 2020

Ramadan is an opportune moment to highlight these issues. The four weeks of fasting are usually associated with increased communal activity, bringing Muslims together in homes, in mosques, for prayer and sharing of food. While it is not safe to congregate in these ways this year, MCB is finding a way to bring people together virtually.

This year we hosted 4 ‘online iftars’ every Thursday (23 April, 30 April, 7 May, 14 May 2020). Our objectives were to bring people together, while highlighting Islamic perspectives on sustainability along with practical ideas and experience repairing our relationship to the natural world.

View recordings of the Eco-Iftar webinars below.

For more information about upcoming events planned for 2020, please get in touch here.

14 May Eco-Iftar – Stewards of the Earth

7 May Eco-Iftar – Waste not, want not: making small changes

30 April Eco-Iftar – Islamic environmental ethic and our relationship with nature

23 April Eco-Iftar – Making the change: Reflections on a sustainable future

Eco-Mosques Iftar – January 2020

The MCB held a panel discussion in order to provide guidance to mosques on how to move towards becoming a more eco-friendly venue, and generally ways in which Muslim communities can become more eco-conscious. View photos below from this Eco-Mosques seminar held in January 2020 in association with The City Circle.

Statement on Climate Strike – September 2019

“Islamic environmentalism is embedded in the matrix of Islamic teachings, with The Qur’an providing lessons on how human beings relate to the natural world and how we must protect it. Whatever faith or background, care for our environment and steps to tackle climate change must bring communities together to save our planet.”

To read our full statement, click here.

Plastic-Free Iftars 2019

Read more about best practice around plastic-free iftars run by MCB members below!

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