Welcoming Refugees

Our Responsibilities

The Muslim Council of Britain encourages Muslim communities to:

  1. Register and commit to supporting a vulnerable refugee families fleeing conflict to the UK for a period of at least 18 months as part of Community Sponsorship program
  2. Become more aware and effective at supporting refugees resettling in the UK

With many refugees having a Muslim background, in 2018-19, the MCB partnered with on a joint project between Mercy Mission UK to guide and recruit more mosques and Muslim-led organisations to become a Community Sponsor.

Since then, we continue to encourage Muslim communities to get involved, including supporting:

  1. Citizens UK’s Sponsor Refugees project; and
  2. Together with Refugees coalition

Useful Resources

Many mosques are already taking part in the Community Sponsorship scheme (See case studies below), as well as inter faith groups such as here in Redbridge, London.  Your mosque or organisation can also get involved too, check out the useful resources below.

Community Sponsorship 101 Guide – Citizens UK






Community Sponsorship Portal (Web) – Citizens UK

Case Study: Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre (GLMCC), Birmingham

Photos of a successful hosting of a Syrian family sponsored by GLMCC in Birmingham:


The unfortunate events unfolding across the world and in specific the Middle East, has led to a surge in the number of migrants undertaking dangerous journeys to seek refuge in safe and stable countries.

Refugees are often resettled to a country where the society, language and culture are completely different and new to them, and providing for their effective reception and integration is beneficial for both the resettled refugee and the host country.

Muslim communities in the UK share a common faith, culture and language with many refugees being resettled here, and can often act as a bridge in welcoming and helping them in integrating into their new society.

More Case Studies & Testimonials

“When we (Cheadle Muslim Association Welfare Trust) joined Citizens UK, we became aware of the opportunity to take part in the refugee sponsorship scheme. This was second nature to us; as a community organisation, we are constantly striving to help others. We have seen the difficulties afflicting those around the world, and have often felt limited in how we could help. The refugee sponsorship programme has provided us with a direct means to assist a family to resettle here. We are looking forward to doing what we can in welcoming a family fleeing from a stricken country to Cheadle, here in the UK.”

Nasar Malik, Cheadle Muslim Association Welfare Trust, Greater Manchester

We had all seen the heartbreaking images and news reports of refugees impacted by the Syrian crisis. Whilst we all helped raise funds and provided essential items to refugees in the camps in Calais, we wanted to do more… We felt a sense of responsibility, and as Muslims, this scheme was another way to put our faith into action. Many from the Islamic centre also had their own experiences of displacement that made this scheme even more poignant. Not only were we able to help provide a safe home for a family and see first-hand the transformative impact, but we also worked with other faith groups and community members, strengthening the neighbourly bonds between us all.

Esmat Jeraj, Hyderi Islamic Centre (Abraham’s Tent)

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(Photo Credits: Abdulazez Dukhan and Citizens UK)

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