Women in Mosques

Improving female access to mosques in Britain

The work of the MCB in this area looks at improving female access to mosques in Britain and empowering the future female leaders of our mosques today.

One of the conclusions of Citizens UK The Missing Muslims report (2017) was that:

“What is clear is that there is no shortage of talented [Muslim] women who could make a significant contribution both to the UK and to their own community, if some of the barriers standing in their way could be removed.”

One of these barriers internal to Muslim communities is access to the mosque, with “many mosques remain wanting in respect to standards of governance and many are not welcoming to women’s participation at any serious level.”

Our Aim

We aim to work with our mosques and communities to improve female access to prayer spaces and, through facilitating conversation and working together, empower more women through training, mentorship and existing networks to become leaders in our mosques as they already are across so much Muslim civil society today.

The Journey So Far

Toolkit Top Tips

Once you’ve found 3-8 people to take part in the conversation (either all female, or male & female), you should:

  1. Choose A Time: Find a time when people meet already at your local mosque or other venue. This could be for a halaqa, class, a coffee morning, after daily prayers or the jumma prayer. The conservation duration should be circa 60-90 minutes.
  2. Choose A Venue: Your local mosque is a good location provided you can guarantee a quiet spot without interruption. A coffee shop or public venue or homes can also work, but beware of disruptions. Choose the location based on your attendees preferences.
  3. Promote: Once you’ve chosen a time and a venue, publicise this among your 3-8 participants and ask them to confirm their attendance.
  4. On The Day: Appoint one person as chair, whose responsibility it is to ask the questions, run the session, and keep the conversation fair and flowing.

What’s Next

Look out for more activities and events coming soon, including:

  • WIMDP 2022 programme – feel free to express your interest below!
  • International women’s day activities – see previous celebrations.

How Can You Help?

1. Donate

By supporting this project you can help us make lasting change to our communities. Please donate by clicking here.

  • £25 could provide support towards improving female access to mosques in Britain and empowering women through training, mentorship and existing networks to become leaders
  • £50 could provide support towards accelerating the development of upcoming female leaders to become mosque trustees, committee members and centre managers of the future.
  • £50 could provide up to 20 upcoming female leaders to benefit from bespoke training sessions and development programmes
  • £100 could provide support towards capacity building of mosques leaders and volunteers with a key focus on training and development of female leaders

2. Volunteer

If you are interested in getting involved in the project, please sign up and join the team. The MCB is a volunteer led organization, we need you to make change.

3. Take Part in the Programme

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