Ahead of the 2019 General Election, MCB launched election policy platform document.

It calls on all political parties to commit to a series of 10 key pledges, with Islamophobia being the key priority. The report, along with identifying a number of policies on a range of issues from the NHS to national security, details the issues surrounding Islamophobia which are most pertinent to British Muslims.

Building on the MCB’s extensive experience through working for the interests of Muslim communities for over 20 years, these policies were developed through a holistic analysis of the priorities of its affiliates following the surveying of over 500 British Muslims, and engaging with policy experts within British Muslim communities.


Press Release of report launch on 27 November 2019

General Election 2019: MCB launches pledges to build a better Britain

Ten Key Pledges to Support Muslim Communities

  1. Tackle Racism and Islamophobia
  2. Religious Liberty
  3. Engagement with Muslim Communities
  4. Safety at Places of Worship
  5. Effective Health and Elderly Care Services
  6. Refugees
  7. Full Economic, Social and Public Participation in British Life
  8. Criminal Justice
  9. Equality in Education
  10. Ethical Foreign Policy