Differently Abled Muslims

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 15% of the world’s population has a disability.

There are several UK Muslim-led organisations and campaigns providing support and advice for British Muslims living with a disability. Check out this summary graphic or find out more by clicking on the links below.

SEND Education Providers

Below is a listing of madrasas (supplementary schools) and other educational institutes or associations in the UK that have some SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) provision. This list is constantly being expanded. To make a suggestion for adding to the list, please get in touch here.

With thanks to Islamic Studies Resources for sharing information from their SEND web page.

Deen Ability, Luton

Deen Ability is a grassroots project which began in Luton. Community members including parents of SEND children, teachers, SEN carers & concerned community members came together to launch the project with the intention to provide inclusive Islamic educational opportunities for children with disabilities. Find out more: www.facebook.com/deenability

Evergreen Academy

Evergreen Academy provides support and training sessions and workshops nationally and internationally for madrasas/maktabs/organisations that hope to welcome and cater for children and adults with special needs. Find out more: www.evergreenonline.org.uk

Madrasah Tuyoorul Jannah (Birds of Paradise), Blackburn

Established since 2007, Madrasah Tuyoorul Jannah aims to provide every individual with the opportunity to grow, flourish and achieve their full potential. They also provide bespoke SEND teacher training for madrasah teachers and general advice to parents or organisations. Find out more: www.tj4senmuslims.co.uk

Fatimah Elizabeth Phrontistery, London

Fatimah Elizabeth Phrontistery is a madrasa which specialises in facilitating the cultural, experiential, conscientious, critical and creative growth of children – through to their later teens – by means of a holistic pedagogy infused with a synthesising of traditional and contemporary ideas in order for them to have a well rounded Islamic worldview. Find out more: www.fatimaelizabethphrontistery.co.uk

Darul Ilm, Birmingham

At our SEN Madrassah, we recognise each student as a unique individual and believe that all children are given to us in trust by Allah. We are able to cater for mild to moderate learning difficulties and we work to develop individual learning goals so that no child is left behind. Find out more: www.darul-ilm.co.uk/courses/sen-madrassah

Manaarah (Masjid Quba, Bradford)

Manaarah is an Islamic educational establishment in Bradford which caters exclusively for children with special needs and disabilities. Find out more: www.facebook.com/manaarahforsend

Maktoom (Quwwat Education Centre, Preston)

Maktoom aims to exemplify the values of Prophet Muhammad (peace by upon him) of caring deeply about every member of his community, regardless of gender, age, race or ability, and respecting each individual and integrating them through engaging with them and involving them wherever possible. The name Maktoom was inspired by the blind companion of the Prophet, Hadhrat Abdullah ibn umm Maktoom. Find out more: www.quwwateducationcentre.org.uk

Project Bilal, Leicester

Project Bilal is an organisation in Leicester that provides Islamic education to children with special needs and disabilities. The centre provides children with social interaction, care and education in a fun and stimulating environment. Project Bilal is also a partner organisation to Special Olympics Great Britain Leicestershire & Rutland. Find out more: www.projectbilal.org.uk

Little Treasures

Little Treasures provides high quality provision for madrasa / Arabic studies for children with SEN. The organisation offers experienced advisors and practitioners working to support families meet the needs of their children. Find out more: www.littletreasures.club

Islamic Studies Resources

Islamic Studies Resources maintains a national database of Islamic/Muslim provisions for SEND and collates relevant resources. Find out more: www.islamicstudiesresources.com

Zakariyahs Friends Charity, West London

Zakariyahs Friends Charity is for all children with special needs, 0-18 years old. We hold weekly play sessions for children with special needs and their families. Play sessions include bouncy castles, arts and crafts, Board games, a quiet sensory corner and lots more. A chance for families to meet other families and share experiences and ideas. Find out more: https://zakariyahsfriends.business.site