The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) encourages Imams delivering sermons to tackle a wide variety of topics affecting Muslim communities and British society in Friday prayer sermons.

The following are Template Friday Sermons (Khutbahs) which have been drafted and used by MCB affiliates and friends. Click below to download and share with the Imam at your local mosque(s)!

List of Templates Friday Sermons (PDFs)

  1. Social & Health

    1. Saving Lives: First Aid & CPR
    2. Mental Health: An Introduction (Inspirited Minds)
    3. Supporting those with Cancer: MacMillan Cancer Support
    4. Foster Friday: Promoting Fostering & Adoption in Muslim communities
    5. Stop Smoking – #Stoptober
  2. COVID19
    1. #SafeRamadan 2021 Under COVID (April 2021)
    2. COVID-19 Second Wave & Protecting Our Families (Sep 2020)
  3. Outreach & Social Engagement activities
    1. Visit My Mosque – Islam and the Environment
    2. #VisitMyMosque Days / Importance of our neighbours
    3. Muslims Vote – Taking Part in Elections
  4. Challenging social injustices
    1. Women in Islam – International Women’s Day (IWD)
    2. Eliminating Racism: Black History Month
  5. Islamophobia and Safety
    1. Islamophobia and your congregation’s safety
    2. Keeping Safe & Reporting Hate Crime
  6. Environment & Climate Change
    1. Muslims and the Environment – Great Big Green Week
    2. Visit My Mosque – Islam and the Environment
    3. Resources from IFEES Eco Islam (external link)
  7. Marking Important Events
    1. Bosnia Khutbah – 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide

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