Mental Health During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on global mental health, with the lack of social contact, the economic downturn and general uncertainty posing a problem for all communities.

Mental health within Muslim communities is still often not discussed openly. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, several Muslim mental health organisations in the UK have come together to collaborate and provide a range of initiatives for communities nationwide.

Inspirited Minds

Inspirited Minds is a Muslim mental health charity that provides professional, non-judgmental, confidential support to those with mental health difficulties. During this pandemic, they offer:

  • Support and Counselling services
  • Provision of articles, infographics and other resources on topics such as anxiety, stress, loneliness, OCD, bereavement, creativity
  • Webinars on dealing with depression, OCD and eating disorders

Find out more about their #LookAfterYourself initiative here or visit

British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA)

The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) is a democratic national organisation that aims to unite, inspire and serve Muslim healthcare professionals in the UK. BIMA also provides medical information for mental health.

For any queries, email to [email protected] or visit their website

Approachable Parenting

Approachable Parenting deliver their services mainly to Muslim families as well as training and support to organisations who work with Muslim families. They provide a unique service where individuals and parents are invited to explore problems, learn knowledge, skills and techniques to improve their own development, understanding of themselves and others in a safe environment. For more information, visit


Sakoon Islamic counselling Services aims to strengthen individuals, couples and families as they face life challenges. Sakoon support the well-being of people, communities and organisations through counselling, education, outreach and advocacy. For more information, visit

Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network (MCAPN)

The Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network (MCAPN) is the online home for Muslim Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists and Counselling Psychologists worldwide. MCAPN provides support for Muslim mental health practitioners and offers a Muslim Counselling Directory. For more information, visit

Muslim Youth Helpline

Muslim Youth Helpline provides support at the point of crisis for those that need emotional support and signposting. Their core service is a free and confidential Helpline, available nationally via the telephone, email, live chat and letters. The service uses male and female volunteers trained in basic counselling skills to respond to client enquiries. For more information, visit

Muslim Women Network UK

Muslim Women Network UK (MWNUK) has set up and operate a national specialist faith and culturally sensitive helpline that is confidential and non-judgmental, which offers information, support, guidance and referrals for those who are suffering from or at risk of abuse or facing problems on a range of issues.

For more information on the helpline, visit

Mindworks UK

Mindsworks UK works closely with women who have suffered or going through domestic violence and sexual abuse and work collaboratively with other agencies to support these women. MindsWorks UK provides psychological support to individuals, couples, family and groups. For more information, visit

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